Sorry I’m late…

These days one has to just stop and breathe and try and get some balance into one’s life. Skylei is trying to do the same in this gorgeous new release by Giz Seorn. The Leora Knotted Top and Belted Pants is available in several body shapes and color huds.

pic taken at The Redwoods at Elysion

Waiting on the train…

Fall is in the air, and although we may not be able to enjoy what we use to in the past before Covid19 hit us, we can still dream and imagine what could be once again.

Skylei is wearing “The Amara Dress” a past release by Giz Seorn. This gorgeous dress is available in several body shapes and color huds. You can pick this up at the Giz Seorn Store.

I love Fall!

Autumn is my favorite season. Unfortunately, in South Central Texas we don’t have the beauty of Autumn as in other states and summer still lingers on now and then, but I do love just the thought of the season and the smells of Pumpkin spice and other Fall scents as well as everything Pumpkin!

Skylei is bringing us the beautiful “Maisy” top by Giz Seorn. This top is available in several colors and sizes and can be found at Cosmopolitan!

Pic taken at the beautiful “Fall Trace” Sim

What do you want for dinner, baby?

Summer is coming to an end…So glad for the three day weekend as I am totally exhausted from distance learning. I hope and pray that this virus will move its way out of the world soon so we can have some normalcy back in our lives.

Skylei had some time to log in world to bring you one of the latest releases from Giz Seorn. The Darya Cropped Top and Ex-Boyfriend jeans both come come with a color and patten hud and a variety of body shape sizes. So swing on by Giz Seorn for this adorable outfit.

btw….Live by the Crop top words: Social Distancing! Keep safe everyone!

Peace and love…Pic taken at Musset’s and my home at White Dunes Estates.


Summer break has come and gone and it is back to work as of 2 weeks ago. Yes….I am working from work due to the Pandemic, but wow I never realized it would be much more difficult and much more work than actually being in the classroom. It wasn’t like this after Spring Break to end of May. My days begin when I wake up and they don’t seem to end till close to midnight. I am running on empty as I am lacking of sleep. I have dreams of voices saying: “Asynchronous and Synchronous”. Now that I have vented….I will bring you my SL Fashion post.

I was able to take a short break to log on and blog the “Gigi Crop Top” by Giz Seorn. It’s an adorable crop and is available in several shapes and color huds.

pic taken at Trace too sim at White Dunes Estate


Beauty Still Exists

In these days and times when our world is in despair with this horrible disease that has taken so many lives throughout our world, we forget there is still beauty that surrounds us. The beauty of nature still exists and although many beaches, lakes, rivers, parks and landmarks are currently closed to such beauties, we know they are still there and waiting for us to visit when it is safe to do so. Keep safe….wear your mask and social distance.

Skylei is walking the African lands in this gorgeous new release by Giz Seorn. “Ember” is available in several color patterns and body shapes and you can pick it up at Uber.

Pic taken at the beautiful new sim…Jambo! A Voyage to Africa

Beauty still exists

another place another time…

During these times in our lives we begin to remember the past and not realizing we may have taken some things for granted. Now we are subjected to masks, social distance, quarantine, travel and unable to do the things we use to do in the past. In our world…in our country…in cities…in our homes all has changed. Will we ever have normal again?

Skylei is wearing “Zimi dress and Hat” by SAS. This gorgeous dress is available in several body shapes and colors.

Pic taken at Elysion

another place...another time...

Just another hot summer day…

Hot Summer days in Texas are the worse. From the time you wake up until around 10pm the scorching heat is so bad you feel like a slice of bacon sizzling on a hot pan. The AC keeps running all day and never turns off!  Thank goodness for Air Conditioning or the triple digits in Texas would be intolerable.  Skylei was taking a walk when she just couldn’t take the summer heat anymore so she put on a pair of shorts with a very teeny top with suspenders. “The Fox Set” is one of the new releases by Giz Seorn and is avaiable in various body shapes and color huds. You can pick this beauty up at Giz Seorn~

Pic taken at one of the beautiful sims in White Dunes Estate….Whispering Waters  is currently available! Check out White Dunes Estate on Marketplace for the Landmark.

just another hot summer day

Oh No! I’m so lost!

If you’re going to get lost on your summer strolls, you may as well look great! Skylei got lost on her stroll along the bay wearing “ChiChi”, a new release by SAS designer Sascha Frangilli. This adorable crop top/pant set is available in several body shapes. The top includes a color hud and the White pants are available with black belt or beige. Head out to SAS for the “ChiChi”!

pic taken at Lavender Lake

Oh no...I'm lost



Making memories is something you keep forever….  Skylei is wearing Rebekah one of the latest releases from Giz Seorn. This cute skirt, top and belt set is available in several body shapes and color patterns.

pic taken at home in White Dunes Estate

Photograph 1