Walk to remember…

Take a walk in this lovely new release from Prism.¬†QUETA is the latest release by Prism by Jezzixa and is available in 6 colors. It is available in several body shapes and includes boots and a floral embroidered vest. You can pick up “Queta” at The Designer Circle event from February 18 to March 2nd.

Pic taken at Whimberly Sim

Walk to remember



Touch me like you do…

Yeah, I’ll let you set the pace
‘Cause I’m not thinking straight
My head’s spinning around I can’t see clear no more… ~ Elle Goulding

skylei awaits for him in the “Gwyneth Dress” a new release by Giz Seorn which is available @ Cosmopolitan until February 24th!

Touch me like you do

Look at me now…

I hope you open up your eyes…And take a good look at me now. ~ Charlie Puth

Take a day off to look back and reminisce in this adorable new outfit from Prism by Jezzixa. Ilysia is available in several colors and body shapes and for sale at the FitMesh Designer Expose for February.

Look at me now

Shape of you…

Every day discovering something brand new ~Ed Sheeran

Discover something new wearing “The Taylor Set”, a sexy new bodysuit and skirt by Giz Seorn.
This outfit is available in several body shapes and color Hud.

pic taken at Elysion

Shape of you


Skylei is wearing “Bowie”,¬† one of the sexy and gorgeous new releases by Giz Seorn. Bowie is available in several shapes and color Hud options. Skylei is also wearing “Camila”, a new hair release by DOUX now available at Fetish Fair.

Pic taken at ELYSION…


Before the storm…

With every strike of lightening
Comes a memory that lasts
And not a word is left unspoken
As a thunder starts to crash ~ Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas

New Release from Prism… skylei is wearing the Lauren Jacket Set in green which includes pants, jacket and applier tank. This set is available in various shapes and colors and can be purchased at the Designer Circle Event!

Pic taken at: Petit Chat – Moumou’s Square

Before the storm

Takes your hand…

It’s not everyday you’re flying about in hopes you don’t lose your shoes or crash into someone’s head. Then again…there are those days when it does happen.

Next time you’re flying about…make sure you’re wearing the sexy “Bella” a new release from Giz Seorn.

Pic taken at Elysion…

Takes your hand