Stare at the sun…

Sometimes you just need to feel the energy from the Sun to get by your days. Skylei is wearing a new release from Giz Seorn. Skylei is wearing the “Blair Set”, which includes the top, shorts, scarf and crossbody bag. This gorgeous ensemble includes various body shapes and color huds for each piece. Head out to UBER and Giz Seorn for the Blair Set!

Pic taken at Willow’s Rest at White Dunes Estate

First week of Fall

I just love Fall! Hot temperatures are cooling off and you can smell the sweet fragrance of pumpkin spice. Skylei is taking one of her first walks of Fall in the “Riley Set” a new release by Giz Seorn. This amazing outfit is perfect for your Autumn walks. It includes the sweatpants, shirt and tank and all available in several body shapes and color huds. Swing by Giz Seorn for the Riley Set!

Pic taken at Autumn Trace Sim

My Protector…

It’s always nice to take a walk with the one that loves you the most…that is your beloved Fur Baby. My baby Tex and I are taking a nice walk on a beautiful Fall Day. I am wearing the Elain Cropped Jacket with bra and Skinny Pants by Giz Seorn. This amazing new outfit is available in several color hud and sizes and you can pick this up at this round at “Fameshed” Head out to Fameshed for the Elain set!

Pic taken at Fall ChicChica – My boy Tex is by Jian

Everything I wanted…

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
But when I wake up, I see
You with me…And you say, “As long as I’m here
No one can hurt you…~Billie Eilish

Dream about those you want in “Epione Bodysuit” by Giz Seorn. This beautiful and sexy body suit is available in several body shapes and color huds.

Evening walk…

Take an early evening walk on the beach in this sexy new release by Giz Seorn. Rosalie is the brand new release by Giz Seorn and is available in several body shapes and color hud. You can pick up this awesome new release at the Cosmopolitan event which began on July 11th! Head out to Cosmopolitan and pick up “Rosalie”!

Pic taken at Tranquilty Beach.

Just another Saturday Night…

Skylei is taking it easy this weekend and relaxing at home. She is wearing the Frea Jacket, Liv pants and the Roar Heels all by SAS. All these beautiful items are available in several body shapes and huds. The Liv pants also includes a crop top. Head out to Sascha’s Designs for these gorgeous designs.

Background include Reykajavik Skybox by Vespertine, furnishings, plants, pictures, etc. by Soul2Soul, Nutmeg, DRD, Nutmeg, Hive, Apple Fall and WhatsNext.


Summer is wonderful time to relax and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of work or school. Skylei is doing just that in the Maisy Knitted Top and Shorts from Giz Seorn. This adorable outfit is available in several patterns/color hud and sizes. Head out to Giz Seorn for Maisy!

Pic taken at Tranquilty Dreams…


As my dreams and thoughts are of him…I can say only one word…


Skylei is in deep thought wearing the beautiful Davina Corset Dress by Giz Seorn as she awaits for him to come home. This gorgeous dress is available in several body shapes and color hud.

pic taken at home…

No way home…

But you’ll always find your way back…

skylei is wearing the “Lyra Pleated Dress” by Giz Seorn. This sexy dress is available in several color huds and shapes and you can pick it up at Giz Seorn.

Pic taken at: Black Kite sim

Follow You…

I will follow you way down wherever you may go… ~Imagine Dragons

Follow wherever they may go wearing this “Macha Belted Dress” by Giz Seorn. This sexy dress is available in several body shapes and color hud and you can pick it up at Giz Seorn. Hair by Stealthic…

Picture taken at home…

Spring Break is over :(

I can’t believe another Spring Break has come and gone and back to work tomorrow. On a brighter note….it’s time for the 2 month countdown until Summer Break! 🙂 Skylei is enjoying here last day of Spring Break in the Cora Corset Top and Shorts by Giz Seorn. This adorable cutzy outfit is available in several shapes and color/print hud. Head out to Giz Seorn for Cora! 🙂

Picture taken at Panacea Sim

Let’s Go…

I was listening to an old Car’s tune on the radio today and I was missing the legendary Ric Ocasek from The Cars. Well, skylei is remembering the amazing tunes of The Cars in “Imogen Suit” from Giz Seorn. This amazing suit includes the bodysuit, jacket and jewels in several body shapes.

Pic taken at Cravone City!

Hump Day…

Ok, so it’s Tuesday night, but it must be “Hump Day” somewhere… enjoy your mid week relaxing in the “Trinity Leather Jacket, just one of the fabulous past releases by Giz Seorn. It is available in several sizes and color hud and you can pick this beauty up at the store. Skylei is also wearing the Grace High Waist pant from Giz Seorn that goes wonderfully with the jacket.

Pic taken at The Dirty Grind


Sometimes we run into people we haven’t seen in a very long time, and it’s either a good surprise or not a good surprise, nevertheless it’s always great to look your best when it does happen. Skylei is wearing the “Elena dress and stole” by Giz Seorn, a sexy gown for her OMG moment. Elena is available in several shapes and color huds.

pic taken at Elysion

Hope for the future…

What a crazy first week of 2021! All we can do as a nation and the world is just “Hope” that the future will get better in this brand new year and all the sickness, corruption, all the people that have lost so much in this past year, can begin to hope that future will look up and all will begin to build again.

Skylei is deep thought of the future as she wears “Dani”, the gorgeous new release by SAS. The complete Dani set which includes boots, sweater and pants is available in beige, black and chocolate.

pic taken at home….

Twinkle Twinkle Little Me…

Twinkle twinkle
Little me
I have a lovely light
I’m the star
Upon your tree
That makes your Christmas bright ~ Stevie Wonder

Shine your so bright in this sexy and gorgeous Csilla Bodysuit and shoulder fur. This beautiful set by Giz Seorn is available in several body sizes and color hud. Merry Christmas!

Cold Morning Jog…

Time to jog off all the Thanksgiving pie you ate for a week so you can prepare for all the yummy Christmas cookies that you’ll be snacking on soon. Skylei is working off a sweat in this adorable Winter Cozy Coat in Red by Giz Seorn that can be yours for only 60L at the Mainstore for Happy Weekend. This cozy coat is available in red, blue and green and available in several body shapes. Head out to Giz Seorn for Happy Weekend!

pic taken at: Belvedere Winter Village

Gobble Gobble, where’s the turkey?

Fall break is finally here and Thanksgiving is on Thursday. It’s not going to be like Thanksgiving pasts, as powers may be have told us to stay home on this holiday due to the madness of the rise of the next wave of Covid19. We have to remember although there is so much turmoil in our world with this dreadful disease, we still need to remember to give thanks and blessings for for our loved ones as well as ourselves to keep all safe and healthy.

Celebrate your virtual Thanksgiving in this new release by Giz Seorn. The Beatrice Dress is a gorgeous dress available in several shapes and patterns and you can pick this beauty at Cosmopolitan Event.

picture taken at Fall Trace..

Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe.

Baby, I need my jacket!

I know we are still in Fall and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but everywhere I go, I see hints of Christmas and the holiday season upon us. When I saw the beautiful “Alejandra Formal Dress”, I thought this would make a gorgeous holiday dress for the season. Alejandra is available in several body shapes and 3 color patterns.

Picture taken at: Winter Christmas Love Valley

I love Fall!

Autumn is my favorite season. Unfortunately, in South Central Texas we don’t have the beauty of Autumn as in other states and summer still lingers on now and then, but I do love just the thought of the season and the smells of Pumpkin spice and other Fall scents as well as everything Pumpkin!

Skylei is bringing us the beautiful “Maisy” top by Giz Seorn. This top is available in several colors and sizes and can be found at Cosmopolitan!

Pic taken at the beautiful “Fall Trace” Sim

Sorry I’m late…

These days one has to just stop and breathe and try and get some balance into one’s life. Skylei is trying to do the same in this gorgeous new release by Giz Seorn. The Leora Knotted Top and Belted Pants is available in several body shapes and color huds.

pic taken at The Redwoods at Elysion

Waiting on the train…

Fall is in the air, and although we may not be able to enjoy what we use to in the past before Covid19 hit us, we can still dream and imagine what could be once again.

Skylei is wearing “The Amara Dress” a past release by Giz Seorn. This gorgeous dress is available in several body shapes and color huds. You can pick this up at the Giz Seorn Store.