Of all the things I still remember
Summer’s never looked the same
The years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain ~Daughtry

As we head into fall…enjoy end of summer strolls as the weather begins to change. Top SL Designer Giz Seorn has designed a fabulous new Sweater and Shorts for your going into Fall fashion. The “Wendy” Sweatshirt and “Wendy” shorts are available in several body shapes and color hud and can be found at “Tres Chic”.

pic taken at Soul2Soul

September Day



Life is a tapestry of hours…Forever mellowing in tone…Where all things blend, even the longing…For hours I have never known. ~Hazel Hall

Enjoy the many hours where all things blend wearing this beautiful gown by SAS. Skylei is wearing the “YinYang Duo Gown”. This gown is available in several body shapes and includes two flexi skirts and can be yours available at SAS.

pic taken at the beautiful “Witchwood” sim


Whatever you want…

Sometimes you have to just give in…

Skylei is wearing the sexy new release from PRISM by Journey. The “Sara knotted tee dress” comes with a built in panty and is available in several sizes and color huds. This sexy tee can be found at The Avenue all month of September.

pic taken at: The Four Villages Sim

Whatever you want

Time to reflect…

Hard to believe that the month of September is almost here. It seems as not long ago we were entering a new year and now the year will be over soon. We will be heading into Fall soon and the long summer months will be just a memory. Enjoy the last days of summer as you reflect on the months past in this adorable new release from Giz Seorn. The “Beverly Dress” is available in several shapes and color hud. You can find this amazing new release at the Dubai Event.

Pic taken at: Tranquility Dreams

Time to reflect

In the end…

Summer’s end…time to go back to work later this week. Enjoy your last couple days of rest in “Margarita’s Beach Suit”, one of the new swimwear releases by designer Giz Seorn. This amazing swimsuit is available in several body shapes and color hud.

pic taken at home…

In the end...

Should I?

Debate if you should have three scoops instead of one in this adorable new one piece Swimsuit from PRISM by Journey. The “Little St. Simons Island” is available in several body shapes and color hud.

pic taken at: Footprints in the Sand Sim

Should I