Sascha’s Designs

Sascha’s Designs has released 2 fabulous new pant designs. Sascha Frangilli has released the “Xiulan” and the “Jasmine”. Both include 4 colorful colors to mix and match with any top. I am wearing the Xiulan in pink, a black pant with white and pink colors with white belt. This tight fitting pant will show off your sexy curves.

The “Xiulan” in Turquoise is gorgeous with the gold and pink design.

Sascha’s Designs “Jasmine”

“Jasmine” is another new release from SAS. Jasmine also comes in 4 colors. I am wearing the Orange, which is an awesome color for this season.

All eyes will be on you with this colorful green. Sascha Frangilli has brought us these 2 awesome new pants that are perfect for anytime and anywhere!

Extra Details


Top: Cynful “Sinful Shorties”

Hair: Vanity “Minerva”

Shoes: Bax Leather Ankle Boots

Earrings: TGIS Gold Plated Stone Earrings


Hair: Boon

Top: Cynful “Stripilicious”

Shoes: Bax Leather Ankle Boots

Bracelets: Glow Studio Gold

Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni


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