SHAN SL Collection

Presenting the first virtual version of the famous Real World Collection SHAN Bikinis & Beachwear by Chantal Lévesque. Already in Montreal, Paris, New York, Madrid, London, Moscow, Las Vegas…, the very couture and unique SHAN collection is now on the always sunny SL beaches! Shan SL Collection is brought into our second life by the virtual designer Whistle Wheelwright, and The Dream Team.

Today I will show you the Amazing New releases of the Lola collection. This fabulous collection features beachwear for the day and beachwear for the evening!

Lola Tankini

                                                                 Lola Bikini

                                                            Lola Body Glove 

                                                   Lola Evening Gown

Other Details:

Lola Tankini

Hair: Truth

Shoes: Maitreya

Bangles: Mandala

Nails: Candy

Lola Bikini

Hair: DBS

Shoes: J’s Flip Flops (Barefeet)

Lola Body Glove

Hair: LeLutka

Bag: Glow

Lola Evening Wear

Hair: Truth

Pearls: Donna Flora

Earrings: JCNY

Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni


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