Champagne Sparkling Fashion – Boyish

Enzo from Champagne asked me to pose for one of his vendor ads. This an

adorable and fun outfit!

Sassy, playful, cute, and  sexy is the perfect description for BOYISH, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s new release for the girls.  After all, “girls just wanna have fun, right?”

BOYISH has elements of masculinity and power, and yet is an outfit that retains its feminine and fun qualities as well.

A short-sleeved long black jacket with shimmering, glittering cuffs lays over a white undershirt with a black and white texture that peeps through the jacket right above the waist.  You will love the stylish black bow tie attached to the white collar with matching silver glitter in the middle of the tie, as well as twinkling chains which hang from the entire collar piece.

The black jacket with silver chain detail closures is fun and sensual, showing off your legs and open just enough to show off the black and white texture which matches the lower portion of the undershirt.

And for your head, a magnificent black crow completes the look.

BOYISH is versatile; you can use pieces of this outfit with so many other items in your inventory, or wear it all by itself when you want a look that is playful, manly and yet feminine as well.

Style Card:

Outfit: Champagne Sparkling Fashion – Boyish

Shoes: Genova

Gloves: Cheerno

Earrings: Chop Zuey – Honour Earrings

Model – skylei Caproni

Photographer: Kyrian Lefavre



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