skylei Caproni for Champagne Sparkling Couture!

I had the honor of posing for “LIDO”, the  Sexy New Release from Champagne Sparkling Couture.



As rich as a fine red wine caught in a toast on New Years and glittering like a dozen sparkling holiday lights that dance across housetops, CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture has captured the glam in it’s newest release LIDO ! Designed to make the holidays memorable, this new release is ready to blaze a trail through the snow and leave you breathless!

The jewel-encrusted collar dotted with diamonds and rubies juts gracefully over the shoulders while jeweled ‘ropes’ tease the eyes downward to the crimson sequinned pasties, feel the heat yet?

The jeweled leg ornaments lead upward to the sparkling red thong that draws the vision to the flexi full- feathered ‘tail’ and matching jeweled headpiece.  Add in the included long gloves and chunky gemmed cuff bracelets and you are ready to be a vision of holiday loveliness!

You can find the mesh demo of “LIDO” at the CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture main store location. Much like our model, Skylei Caproni, you can be a glittering ruby vision this holiday season.

MODEL : Skylei Caproni

PHOTOGRAPHER : Enzo Champagne


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