Silk Dreams, Alexandra Sautereau and Nailed It for Fashion Pride

Join us for Fashion Pride from March 10th through March 17th for an exciting shopping event that will benefit The AIDS Committee of Toronto.

Help us continue the fight against AIDS and HIV…

Fashion Pride Silk Dreams

Fashion Pride Nails It and Alexandra Sautereau

Fashion Pride Nails It

Style Card

Gown: Silk Dreams – Kristina Mesh Gown in Emerald (NEW for Fashion Pride)

Clutch: Alexandra Sautereau – Sybarite Clutch in Krocodile (NEW for Fashion Pride)

Nails for Feet and Hands by Nailed It – The Fashion Pride Hud (NEW for Fashion Pride)

Hair: Tuty’s – Feminine Retro in Black

Hat: BOUDOIR – White Flowers Hat

Ring: Paper Couture – Pearl and Diamond Ring

Pearls by Styles of Edo (Store Closed)

Model & Photographer: skylei Caproni


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