skylei’s private island…

skylei's private island

It’s been over 9 years since I first rezzed on Second Life. It’s been a time of excitement, love, exploration, heartbreak and meeting some awesome people. I’ve taken a few breaks in the last years. In fact I recently came back from break end of May. I thought that Real Life wasn’t going to let me stay as it’s been a very hectic last 3 weeks back in the classroom. Instead, I decided I’ll try and log on as often as I am allowed to without it taking away from my real life responsibilities. As I was trying to decide where am I going to live? I had moved into two beautiful sims on Second life in the summer and I had planned on staying, but I thought my time would be super limited. This week I decided to move into a small piece of land at a sim where I first laid down my SL roots long ago. I guess in a way it’s like coming home.

Skylei is wearing the latest release from Gizza Creations. The “Evita” dress in floral is a beautiful mesh dress available in several shapes and patterns.

Picture taken at Serena Sims


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