The Snowy Day

Snowy day is the perfect day
Out the window snow is all I see
Snowy day it feels to me
There’s nothing I can’t be
Hear the crunch of the snow beneath my feet
Hear the sound of the wind and the song it sings
And it makes me feel so alive….~Boyz 2 Men

Snow in San Antonio? It hasn’t snowed in SA since the mid 80’s!  So imagine the excitement as I went outdoors in the evening with my Chihuahua to enjoy an evening of beautiful falling snow.  So magical, so beautiful…Wish this day could last forever!

Feel the winter magic in the “Cozy Layered Coat in Tartan Red” by Giz Seorn.

Pic taken at “skylei’s private island”. (Christmas bear given to me by my dear friend of mine…Thank you DJ Evan)

A Beautiful Day