Flanagan Falls

It’s nice to be back in Second Life after a long break…I haven’t had the chance to blog in forever as I’ve been very busy with my real life. I’m finally on a much needed summer break so I’ll have more time to spend time in my second life as well as have more blog time.

I am wearing one of the latest releases from Gizza Creations.  “Lisa” formal dress in black is a gorgeous gown and is also available in several colors.

I took this picture on one of Ima Flanagan’s beautiful sims….Flanagan Falls.


Meet Bruno!

Meet my new Second life pet…His name is Bruno ( I love Bruno Mars).  He’s mesh…roams, barks, follows, will feed if you want, sits, sleeps…other animations. My pet also comes with a wearable pet that I can attach for when I travel the sims on SL…and he’s ONLY 10 mesh count! I picked him up at Tomato Park! I Love Love Love him!

skylei is also wearing the new Emma Bib Overalls in Glam and the Crochet Halter top in Earth from Gizza Creations! Perfect outfit for spending the day with your new pet!

Meet Bruno



Strike A Pose…

Strike a pose

skylei is wearing two New Releases from Agapee and Tukinowaguma…

Helen in red, the sexy new release from Agapee can be found at the Shiny Shabby Event  at Shiny Shabby (142,175,21)

Appert in brown is the adorable new hair release from TKW and can be found at Cosmopolitan Event at No Comment (72,22,23)

Picture taken in Flanagan Sims



New Home…New Start…

I’ve been back on Second Life for a few weeks now.  For nearly 2 years I’ve called The Flanagan Sims my home. I just relocated to a new home in Flanagan to get a fresh start in Second Life after being on a break. I loved my old home, but it was time to make a fresh start and new memories in Second Life. I stayed in Flanagan Sims but moved to a new location.  I love my new home in Flanagan and look forward to making brand new memories.

Ima Flanagan has the most amazing homes on both land and the sky. Get a feel of Ireland when visiting or make it your next home. You can visit Flanagan’s Main office at Flanagan Falls…Look around, shop or rent a new home at one of her sims.


New Home...New Start...

skylei Caproni is wearing two of Gizza Creations new releases:

Top:  GizzA Creations – Crochet Halter Top

Jeans: GizzA Creations – Ronee Boyfriend Jeans Embellished