Dancing in the wind…

I’ve been super busy with the new school year so I haven’t had much time to log on to blog. Hopefully things will settle soon so I can come on more often. Until then…I had a little time to snap a pic of two latest releases from Gizza Creations. Skylei is wearing the Nicky Skinny jeans with the Lottie Knotted Shirt. Both are available in several colors and mesh bodies.


Pillow Talk

I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always…I’d love to wake up next to you….

~ Zayn Malik

Pillow Talk

skylei is wearing “The Bella Lace Bodysuit”…The sexy new release from GizzA Creations!

skylei is also wearing “Leah” a new hair release from D!va available at Collarbor88!

Mesh Head & Applier by LAQ… New Release!