skylei’s private island…

skylei's private island

It’s been over 9 years since I first rezzed on Second Life. It’s been a time of excitement, love, exploration, heartbreak and meeting some awesome people. I’ve taken a few breaks in the last years. In fact I recently came back from break end of May. I thought that Real Life wasn’t going to let me stay as it’s been a very hectic last 3 weeks back in the classroom. Instead, I decided I’ll try and log on as often as I am allowed to without it taking away from my real life responsibilities. As I was trying to decide where am I going to live? I had moved into two beautiful sims on Second life in the summer and I had planned on staying, but I thought my time would be super limited. This week I decided to move into a small piece of land at a sim where I first laid down my SL roots long ago. I guess in a way it’s like coming home.

Skylei is wearing the latest release from Gizza Creations. The “Evita” dress in floral is a beautiful mesh dress available in several shapes and patterns.

Picture taken at Serena Sims


Meet Bruno!

Meet my new Second life pet…His name is Bruno ( I love Bruno Mars).  He’s mesh…roams, barks, follows, will feed if you want, sits, sleeps…other animations. My pet also comes with a wearable pet that I can attach for when I travel the sims on SL…and he’s ONLY 10 mesh count! I picked him up at Tomato Park! I Love Love Love him!

skylei is also wearing the new Emma Bib Overalls in Glam and the Crochet Halter top in Earth from Gizza Creations! Perfect outfit for spending the day with your new pet!

Meet Bruno